25,000+ properties including reputable brands chose Saferity Security System.

Very easy -to-use Alarm System since 2003

16+ years of experiences

25000+ properties

35+ Major brands

Saferity is the leader in alarm system technology.

You get the benefit of our more than 16 years of experiences in security industry. Our highly skilled home security experts can custom design home alarm security systems to meet your exact needs.

..even the reputable brands use our reliable
Saferity Security System 

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Saferity Security System,

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Always armed.

at the right time.

wherever you are.

with Saferity Auto Protection


Forget to arm?

Auto Protection automatically arms the Alarm System based on the schedule set when you are busy or when you forget to arm it.

It's redesigned to be very

..without compromising quality.

It's as easy as dialing your phone keypad to make a call.

Don't believe? Witness it yourself.

Intruders invading your property?

Be the first to know..!

with our cutting-edge 

Alarm System technologies:

Outdoor Protection

outdoor protection

Detects intruders before they even approach near to your house

Perimeter protection

Protects your house openings such as doors, windows & balcony from illegal entry

Indoor protection

Detect intruders with motion detection in your living hall/kitchen/rooftop

Dual Partition System

Having independent arm/disarm controls over two areas in your home as if having two systems in one

Say NO to False Alarm

Our Intelligent Zone technology reduces false alarm triggered by 97%.

Automatically notifies you when alarm triggered

Our Smart Voice Dialer notifies you through your smartphone and enables you to remotely access the alarm system for your next action.

Press 1 for support. Press 2 for.. Forget it.
Instead, get support instantly.
1-to-1 support.

Direct number you can call, whatsapp 

Call, message, whatsapp or email.
You get a human consultant right away to attend to your questions.

Malay, English, Chinese, india language

Speak any language you prefer.
Our indoor Malaysian consultant speaks it all. 

Youtube Self-Help Tutorials
We provide support at all levels.
Including self-help tutorials.

Saferity Alarm System

Choose the right Alarm System for your home

All Saferity Alarm Systems are designed to be easy to use - as easy as operating a phone keypad.


Saferity A16GSM
16 Zone GSM Alarm System

A16GSM is Saferity's Top Alarm System product, 16 Zone Alarm System GSM version that covers sixteen (16) zones to form a larger coverage perimeter which is especially suitable for bigger property. The most secured alarm system among all as it still works even after the phone line being cut.

  • Support, Training and Guides provided
  • Installation and wiring services
  • Free consultation

​Saferity A16
16 Zone Alarm System (w/o GSM)

A16 is Saferity's Advanced Alarm System product, 16 Zone Alarm System that covers sixteen (16) zones to form a larger coverage perimeter which is very suitable for bigger property. It provides better security as it could pinpoint more specific locations when intruder is detected compared to 8 Zone Alarm System.

  • Support, Training and Guides provided
  • Installation and wiring services
  • Free consultation

Saferity Defender
Wireless Alarm System

Saferity Defender Wireless Alarm System is a complete wireless alarm system which is very affordable, easy to set up and customizable.

  • Support, Training and Guides provided
  • Installation and wiring services
  • Free consultation

​Saferity A8 Alarm
8 Zone Alarm System

Saferity A8 Alarm System is a 8 Zone wired alarm system that generally has more functionalities than wireless.

  • Support, Training and Guides provided
  • Installation and wiring services
  • Free consultation

Don't confuse yourself with the type of Alarm System, which set up and more..

Our consultant will help answering all your questions, assess your house and recommend the best alarm system for your best interest and security needs.

Learn why 25,000+ properties choose Saferity

Choosing the right Alarm System requires choosing the right alarm system, set up, and installation to ensure minimal maintenance and peace of mind.

That's why you need a Professional Alarm System Team Installation.

Professional consultation
(365 days/24/7)

Choosing the right alarm system is not an easy task without relevant experiences in security industry.

We have been in security system industry for more than 16 years and you can be assured that you get the top service to choose the right alarm system, set up and installation to suit your budget and lifestyle.


We only send our highly trained local technicians for top-notch installation service.

Unlike other companies who hire third party contractor, or foreign worker to save cost, we invest in only local technicians and we even send them for training to stay up to date with the latest technology and knowledge.

Latest Alarm System Technology

As shown in above features, our Alarm System is packed with latest technology that improves the entire security experience.

Everything you need from an Alarm System, we have it all. You can even request any technical specification manual from us also.

Demo at your house or our showroom

Most of our customers are surprised when we said we can do Alarm System demo right at their house. 

Yes. You heard it right, it's one of our unique services to you to help you decide better what Alarm System  suits your lifestyle and budget.

our showroom has every answer 
to your questions

Saferity Technicians in action

Listen to what Paul Moss has to say about our Security System products & services.

Paul Moss

Malaysia's Idol Competition Judge

“A reliable specialized  Security System company”

“I like how Saferity specializes in various Security products so that I don't have to go for multiple companies to install separately my Alarm System, Autogate and CCTV.

That makes the maintenance of the products seamlessly.

I think it's very reliable & priced reasonably especially because I installed the complete Security System comprises of Alarm System, Autogate and CCTV Surveillance System.

One of my biggest concerns has always been the after sales support service — an area which Saferity excels very well with their dedicated technicians team.


“Superb After-Sales Service.”

“I like the fact that Saferity assigned a dedicated consultant to serve you. 

Having a direct contact gives you a peace of mind when it comes to maintenance arrangement and answering my questions promptly regarding the usage of the system.

Imagine, not having to 'press 1 for this, press 2 for that' - those general line that forever never answer your call. 

Don't wait anymore

Request for an Alarm System demo 

..at your house


..our Alarm system showroom

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we speak malay, English, chinese and indian language

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