Folding Smartgate Intelligence Built-In

The Folding Gate that learns your gate with intelligence and automatically control it

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Folding Gate System High Quality Production

All our Saferity Folding Gate Autogate System are with a very strict quality control process.

We have 10+ years of experiences with high quality services in Autogate industry, ensuring optimal service and Autogate quality.

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Finally, a Folding gate that acts so intelligently like a robot

...the only intelligent Folding Gate Autogate in Malaysia

The award winning Saferity Intelligent Folding Autogate learns your gate based on its weight, condition and everything necessary to auto adjust your folding gate overall settings (e.g auto adjust speed etc) without you even configuring anything at all. 

Here's why, our customers enjoy Saferity Intelligent Folding Autogate:

No more time wasted on your manual folding gate

No more worries on settings configuration

No more jam on the gate joint with self lubrication

No more extra costs for unnecessary repair

No more unanswered questions of everything you need to know about installing an Autogate with our Security Consultant all for FREE

Intelligent Folding Gate Highlights

20,000+ people have chosen Saferity Folding Smartgate for many reasons and some of the highlights:

Safe For Children

The impact of Autogate can be adjusted to prevent unfortunate events (serious injury, death etc) and this is especially safe for Children

Self Lubrication

Smart Autogate comes with a flexible joint, which means it protects your gate. Unlike Autogate with rigid joint damages your gate very easily, causing a high cost of repairing

Flexible Joint

Its intelligence comes with self lubrication - this makes it lasts very long because it prevents your gate being jammed and that saves you money for unnecessary services

Warning on Unclosed Gate

Whether you forget to close your Autogate or when it's stucked, our Intelligent Smartgate reminds you to close it with a warning notification

Control Within 100 Meters

You can control your gate within 100 meter range in an open area using our Saferity remote control that comes with four different colour variations

Tamper Warning

This is especially useful when you are asleep during midnight or absent from house for vacation or other purposes, if someone is trying to force opening your Folding Autogate

Big Motor

Big motor lasts longer and able to withstand heavy gate while maintaining comfortable speed. There are also speed variations to choose to suit your preference

Backup Battery

Our Folding Autogate System still runs up to 24 hours in the case of electricity unavailable & will even recharge itself when electricity comes back

Actual Key Release

For any reason you need to have emergency release of the Folding Smartgate, we make it convenient for you to release your Autogate with an unique actual key release where it's easy to operate while still very secure. Most others can be opened easily with Allen key

Remote Control with 4 Channels

Our remote control comes with 4 Channels (more than any others could offer), and that allows for more features:
(Home Automation) On/Off lights, air conditioner, Panic Button & alarm system ( if any )

Saferity Skillful Technician In Action

If you prefer technical details & specifications,



Child Safe Design

Emergency Key Release

Rustproof & weatherproof

3-D Flexible Joint

Self-lubrication and automatic dust-clean

Digital controller

Warning (beep 5X) when gate stay open or gate not close properly

Custom-make screw: Aviod being tampered

4-ch remote control

7AH rechargeable battery

Alarm feature

Auto-close Timer

Left / right side individual open

Automatic light control w/ photo sensor

Steel Gear and Copper Gear

Warranty includes Lightning Strike



4-ch Remote Control For More Applications

High Combination Security Code Up to 65,536

3 Colors Casing

3 Operating Modes: Auto-gate Mode, Door Access Mode,& Lighting Mode

Each Remote Control Burn-in a Security Code

SAW Resonator Technology, High Stability & Fixed Frequency

Code Learning Receiver

High Sensitivity & stability Receiver, Long Range Up to 100m 4CH Remote Control



Self-learning Controller: Self Timing & Current Detection

Digital Technology

3 Levels Current Setting: Hi-speed, Low-speed & Battery

Double Safety Design: Overload Protection, Photo Beam Protection

Overload Response Time Adjustable

Built-in High Efficiency Battery Charger

Auto-close Function

2 Speeds Operation

Over 20 Adjustable Parameters

With Alarm Protection(optional)

Our Security Systems are reliable & trusted

.....even these reputable organizationsinstitutes also choose Saferity Security Systems

Uni. Tecknologi Malaysia

Neway Karaoke Box

Klinik 1 Malaysia

IMAX Theatre Cinema

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa

Kenanga Wholesale City

USL Educational Supplies Sdn Bhd

Caring Pharmacy HQ

Yeo Hiap Seng (Yeo’s)

Shell Station

Senandung Budiman Sdn Bhd (A Subsidiary of Putrajaya Perdana Berhad)

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A Professional Security Consultant to

Answer all your questions about safeguarding your home

Review your housing area condition & surrounding

Fact find your housing area safety level and activities

Understand your budget and security requirements

A proposal of a Saferity Security System solutions that matches your maximum budget and minimum security requirements

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