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Premium CCTV Surveillance System

We have 10+ years of experiences with high quality services in CCTV industry, ensuring optimal service for a complete security system for your beloved house or office.

We are backed by a strong group of companies, ensuring
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Saferity CCTV Highlights

A properly installed CCTV Surveillance System ensures minimal hassles and unnecessary maintenance

Professionally Trained Saferity CCTV Technician

We set up everything for you included technical settings for the installation of our Saferity CCTV System. Our professionally trained technicians will guide you how to configure the settings and how to use our CCTV System to its full potential.

Intruder Detection

Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) is a technology that provides advanced, accurate smart video analytics for CCTV system. It is a variety of built-in intelligent video analytics that ranges from motion detection, tripwire violations, abandoned or missing object detection and more.

4K Resolution Recording Quality

4K Resolution High Recording quality enables for a very crystal clear recording quality even at a long distance viewing and especially useful in identifying thieves faces extremely clearly when needed

Mobile Monitoring

You can monitor your CCTV  surrounding with clear recording, on your mobile phone for a live monitoring, recording & playback

Video Push Technology

Receive video pushed to your smartphone automatically when CCTV detects a motion with this latest technology

Night Vision

It views through objects that hard to be seen by human raw eyes since thieves love to commit crime under such circumstance

Multitasking Capability

Capable to perform simultaneous tasks with our new multi-task processor - live monitoring, recording & playback

External Storage Support

With Micro SD/ SD Card support, it can store a load of videos even with high resolution and doesn't require a DVR

Internet Capability

You can view your home/office's CCTV recording on your smartphone, computer, laptop etc with Internet access

Speed Dome Camera

Speed Dome Camera has 360 degree rotating an zooming capability and remote directional

Intelligent Search

Intelli-Search and Event/System Search that returns to you the relevant results

100% Genuine CCTV Surveillance System Products

We have a strict process to filter out fake CCTV products from being smuggled in to our CCTV Product Line.

Our experiences and knowledge in CCTV industry helps us to filter out these fake products easily.

Hence, every CCTV products we sell to you is 100% genuine. 110% Guaranteed.

Our CCTV Surveillance System Product Line

With our wide range of CCTV camera type models, choose one that serves you well

Infrared Outdoor Bullet HD-CVI Camera

Long range camera with built in infrared and high definition camera, suitable for outdoor/indoor or day/night use.

All-in-One Cube IP Camera

Cube designed with built in ethernet port, suitable for indoor use. This is all in one included DVR etc.

Outdoor HD IR Camera

Weatherproof built camera with built in infrared , suitable for outdoor use or any wet area

IR Dome Camera

CCTV camera with built-in Infrared (IR), suitable for Day & Night use

HD IR Dome Camera

High definition camera, high build quality and suitable for indoor use


4 channel H.264 Hexaplex 960H DVR with Network & HDMI. Upgradable hard disk space.


8 channel H.264 Hexaplex 960H DVR with Network & HDMI, Supports iPhone. Upgradable hard disk space.


16 channel H.264 Hexaplex 960H DVR with Network & HDMI, Supports iPhone. Upgradable hard disk space

Skillful CCTV Saferity Technician In Action

Real Crime Cases Recorded by Saferity CCTV Surveillance System

Look at the two footage videos above recorded from Saferity CCTV System to witness how the same thief was performing his dirty tricks to steal properties owned by the Pharmacy staffs

Nobody would have expected a neighbour to have behaved as such

A no-intended criminal?

Break in by a group of Thieves Caught on Saferity CCTV Live Video

'Smartest' Thief of 2016. We have seen a lot of CCTV footage, but this guy was exceptionally 'smart'. 

Our Security Systems are reliable & trusted

.....even these reputable organizationsinstitutes also choose Saferity Security Systems

Uni. Tecknologi Malaysia

Neway Karaoke Box

Klinik 1 Malaysia

IMAX Theatre Cinema

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa

Kenanga Wholesale City

USL Educational Supplies Sdn Bhd

Caring Pharmacy HQ

Yeo Hiap Seng (Yeo’s)

Shell Station

Senandung Budiman Sdn Bhd (A Subsidiary of Putrajaya Perdana Berhad)

Choosing the right & affordable CCTV

One of the biggest confusions most of our customers had, was choosing the right CCTV Surveillance System.

While budget is usually the main consideration, it usually accompanied along with the security needs you have.

To avoid all the frustration of studying everything you need to have the right CCTV System, get our FREE on-site Security Consultant at:

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We have been in CCTV industry for more than 10 years and you surely don't need to spend unnecessary hours to read everything yourself when we provide FREE on-site Security Consultant who will

Answer all your questions about safeguarding your home

Review your housing area condition & surrounding

Fact find your housing area safety level and activities

Understand your budget and security requirements

NOTE: If you decide not to buy any Security System solutions from us afterwards, you pay absolutely RM0 for it.