25,000+ properties including reputable brands chose Saferity Security System.

Reduce your labor costs with user-friendly Door Access & Fingerprint Attendance System since 2003

Malaysia's high-tech Access Control & Attendance Management System.

16+ years


Major brands

..even the reputable brands use our reliable
Saferity Security System 

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Saferity Security System,

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4 major problems our Door Access System solves


Employee Attendance Management


Your Access Security


(Card Access, Fingerprint etc)


Your Cost & Time
(Report Automation)

Ultra thin fingerprint access control terminal

An ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with BioID sensor and Wi-Fi, which offers reliability, precision and excellent matching speed with advanced algorithm.

Less than 1 second User Recognition

YOur employee is your asset

We make sure your employees got authenticated very quickly in less than 1 second

with our Industry-leading Biometric technology

..so that their time are better spent at improving your company's operations & revenue.

Reduce time theft 

100% with our Time & Attendance Software..!

Biometric time clock with fingerprint reader requires unique individual user.
There's no way someone can impersonate you to log your attendance on your behalf with fingerprint access.

No more


with your employee's attendance..!

  • Absence?
  • Employees leaving early?
  • Late attendance?
  • Verify them with the reports generated
  • Automatic OT calculation
  • and more..

20+ reports ready
to proof-check your employees attendance

Attendance reports are automatically generated for you...

Accurately track time to reduce labor costs with Report Automation .

Designed to work with 

complex employee's working hours..!

Our flexible settings configuration is the key to streamline your employee's different working hours' attendance process.


Different working days for various departments

e.g Factory staffs have 6 working days while office staffs have 5 working days and customer service with 7 days.


Different shifts within same department

e.g 24 hours customer service have different shifts - morning shift, night shift, midnight shift.

Top-notch Security technology

Prevent illegal access by force

with our 
Tamper Switch

When door access device is tampered, device will generate siren sound (triggering the built-in alarm inside the door access system)

Reminds you to close door 

with our 
Smart Reminder

It reminds you when you didn't close door and all other circumstances which threaten your company's security.

Why waste time researching while you can just engage our Consultant for free?

Our consultant will answer all your questions, assess your office & recommend the best Door Access System set up for your best interest and security needs.

Multi-Access Level

for top management, security staff etc..!

A centralized access control allows you to configure your doors access level based on your sensitivity of the area to access.

Ultra-sensitive Room/Area

Expensive items/stocks inside a room?

Configure it to be accessible to only the trusted assigned stuffs (security guard etc) & also with dual-factor access.

Ethical Issues

Some stealing issues after office hours?

It can be configured to not allow staffs to enter your company after office hour or any sensitive time slot you deem as appropriate.

Backup Data to

external storage

with built-in USB port..!

There's a built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer.

The data can be backed up to a USB flash drive and can also be transferred to another reader in the absence of network connectivity.

Press 1 for support. Press 2 for.. Forget it.
Instead, get support instantly.
1-to-1 support.

Direct number you can call, whatsapp 

Call, message, whatsapp or email.
You get a human consultant right away to attend to your questions.

Malay, English, Chinese, india language

Speak any language you prefer.
Our indoor Malaysian consultant speaks it all. 

Learn why 25,000+ properties choose Saferity

Installing the secured Door Access System requires extensive knowledge in the door access, security industry, set up, installation and great planning to ensure minimal maintenance and peace of mind.

That's why you need a Professional Door Access System Team Installation.

Professional consultation
(365 days/24/7)

Choosing the right door access system is not an easy task without relevant experiences in security industry.

We have been in security system industry for more than 16 years and you can be assured that you get the top service and reliability for the best set up and installation.


We only send our highly trained local technicians for top-notch installation service.

Unlike other companies who hire third party contractor, or foreign worker to save cost, we invest in only local technicians and we even send them for training to stay up to date with the latest technology and knowledge.

Software set up, Training and Guides

We will set up everything including software and guidance will be given to your staffs handling it.

Door access system demo at our showroom

Most of our customers are surprised when we said we can do Door Access System demo right at their office. 

Yes. You heard it right, it's one of our unique services to you to help you decide better what Door Access System  suits your lifestyle and budget.

long-lasting High quality build

We only use high quality build of Door Access System, ensuring you a very long lasting usage.

1 Year Warranty

We do provide 1 year warranty, but you will rarely need it with the high quality build and software.

our showroom has every answer 
to your questions

Saferity Technicians in action

Listen to what Paul Moss has to say about our Security System products & services.

Paul Moss

Malaysia's Idol Competition Judge

“A reliable specialized  Security System company”

“I like how Saferity specializes in various Security products so that I don't have to go for multiple companies to install separately my Alarm System, Autogate and CCTV.

That makes the maintenance of the products seamlessly.

I think it's very reliable & priced reasonably especially because I installed the complete Security System comprises of Alarm System, Autogate and CCTV Surveillance System.

One of my biggest concerns has always been the after sales support service — an area which Saferity excels very well with their dedicated technicians team.


“Superb After-Sales Service.”

“I like the fact that Saferity assigned a dedicated consultant to serve you. 

Having a direct contact gives you a peace of mind when it comes to maintenance arrangement and answering my questions promptly regarding the usage of the system.

Imagine, not having to 'press 1 for this, press 2 for that' - those general line that forever never answer your call. 

Don't wait anymore

Request for a Door Access System demo 

..at your house


..our Door Access system showroom

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